Naturally Walpole Tours in Australia’s south west offers exciting adventures exploring the rivers, forests and coast of the Walpole Wilderness National Park.
The Walpole Wilderness area is a region covering approximately 35,000ha in the southern tip of Western Australia and is acknowledged globally as a bio-diversity hotspot; the only one listed in Australia.

Naturally Walpole Tours offer premium 4WD adventures to some of the unique areas of the Walpole Wilderness National Park that few are privileged to experience. Delicious home-made refreshments are provided. We do special customised tours catering for a range of requests.

The Walpole Wilderness contains complex areas of eco-systems that encompass remote coastlines, river systems, estuary wetlands and heath lands. It also contains remnants of the last ancient Tingle forests that were once widespread in the south west.These forests, which are a very early species of Eucalypt are located in an area with a radius of approximately 20km. Other species in the region date back to the early Gondawanna times.

Walpole Wilderness affords a priceless opportunity to preserve and protect this unique area as a major contribution to global bio-diversity. It offers a unique experience to interact with nature in it's almost pristine form in which we can re-connect with the wild and experience the serenity of nature in it's most majestical form.

Lee and Karen Cummuskey
Walpole 6398, Western Australia
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