The Walpole Wilderness west of Denmark and east of Walpole on the Southern Ocean Coast of Western Australia. A vast natural and wild landscape embracing the essence of the southern forests and Southern Ocean coast. Old majestic jarrah, karri and tingle forests surround imposing granite peaks, peaceful rivers and picturesque sandy beaches.  The ecosystems of the Walpole Wilderness provide habitat for flora and fauna and are largely undisturbed.

Wilderness Discovery Centre the three Walpole Wilderness discovery sites provide inspirational focal points for visitors to appreciate and enjoy the vast, natural and wild landscape in the Wilderness Area. These sites provide an understanding of the indigenous, natural and cultural wonders of the Wilderness.
Walpole Wilderness

The Wilderness Discovery Centre, a state-of-the-art interpretative centre is situated at the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk opened early in 2008.

The centre, together with discovery sites at Swarbrick, Mount Frankland, and Fernhook Falls complete the Walpole Wilderness Discovery Experience. It is a key aspect of interpreting the unique biodiversity of the Walpole Wilderness area.

The centre features an outdoor classroom where guides and visiting experts will offer talks and are featured in the new learning hub.

The Wilderness Discovery facility complements the awe-inspiring Valley of the Giants - Tree Top Walk and ever popular meandering Ancient Empire Walk.

How to get there
located on the Valley of the Giants Road off the South Coast Highway, Nornalup, between Denmark and Walpole.
GPS position: 34" 58' 39.34" S 116" 53' 36.17" E

Department of Environment and Conservation  DEC Camping Grounds

Wilderness Discovery Centre
Walpole, Western Australia, 6398
Phone: +61 8 9840 8263

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