Denmark Wilderness South Coast Plants, Animal and Habitats

The hidden wonders of Walpole Wilderness forest floor. The amazing ecosystem supports a large variety of flora: old majestic forests of magnificent karris, giant red tingles, jarrah and many native species, a number of which are not found anywhere else in the world.

The Wildflowers are particularly spectacular and at their dazzling best from August to November. The wildflowers bloom in the cooler mild climate in mid-winter through to late summer.  The Wilderness South Coast is renowned as one of the most biodiverse floral regions of the world, with many species occurring nowhere else. The flora includes vibrant flowering shrubs and delicate orchids.
More information on South West Wildflower a guide to wildflower touring and wildflower directory.
Red Flowering Gum, Corymbia ficifolia, blooms in late spring, prolifically in a blaze of colour from white to pink and orange to deep red. Its natural range is about one square kilometer on the Southern Ocean coast and can be seen on Ficifolia Road Scenic Drive.
There are many species of birds and mammals including seals, whale and the Pygmy and Honey Possums.

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